Heads up! (y)

Obviously I am gonna miss her

I am gonna miss my neighbors (sleepy faces) 

Gonna miss him and her! 

But, I still got them! Mwaah 

Hello new semester! New subjects! New friends, maybe? Just finished packing up my things. Once again, hello Arau and good bye my beloved Bangi! Mwaah see you in three weeks time. For sure I am gonna miss my family and friends! Gonna miss movie night with girl friend and friendly talk with my boy best friend. Hmm pretty please, Arau be nice to me just please k! 

It's really hard for me to find someone that can replaced my best friends. I got plenty of friends but something  is just not right. No one really knows the real side of me. If you are my closest friend, then you will know every side of my behaviour. Okay never mind, good night! Sleep tight! Xx

Dalilah, x