How to treat a girl!

Dear boys,

Stop treating your girl like a trash, take good care of her feelings and always try to keep up those smile on her face. Don't be an asshole, don't be a jerk, once she is broken, you would completely regret it. Show her how much you care and show her how much she valued to you. When she's sad or somehow walk away from you without any legit reason, don't leave her hanging. Chase her! Even though, it might be her fault in the first place, but girls are highly insecure and sensitive. 

Sometime, they said things that they didn't mean it at all. That is girls, just learn to deal with your girl, don't find a million ways to find her replacement. Fight for her, sometimes your effort that's all she need! Wake up boys! Wake up! Sometimes, those girls you are busy chasing out there would never be as perfect as what you already had now. If you leave her, it's your lost! Someone else would appreciate her more than you ever did! 

And honestly, try to differentiate between love and attachment! Love happens naturally, you can't force it. Attachment is when you wanna stick with her 24/7, cling around her all the time and vice versa. Those people out there might find it hard to differentiate between this two. Sometimes, the one that he tried to ignore and forget is the one he love the most but he just doesn't wanna admit it because he was so busy chasing the girl that he feel attached to. Boys will be boys!