Time flies

Underweight :|

 Meet Faralina!
Miss Raz and Mimi :)

Say hello to semester break! *grins* So far everything is fine, but the finals were pretty suck big time. Keep calm and just wait for the results. Okay moving on, I love my new life in Perlis. You know why? Because I got a lot of female friends in Perlis. I used to have two girl best friends in Bangi, but now I got plenty of girls around me. Two days ago, my beloved soul sister gave me a call all the way from Egypt, but I kept rejecting the calls because it is an unknown number. But lastly, I picked up her call and I cried cause I miss her too much. Seems like we have a great chemistry, its like she can feel whenever I need a listener. She have been through so many things with me, all those dramas, sneaking out, boys and the break ups. Sometimes, it feels like I truly understands her and she truly understands me from inside and out. Anyways good luck and do your best, k? :*

But sometimes I do miss my boys. Somehow, somewhere we are now no longer bonded together. We used to stick together, but now hmm it seems like it faded away. Never mind, maybe they can't accept me.

 Am I changing too fast? Sometimes I feels like no one can accept the new me. And... I wonder why. Am I that bad? People change right? But when it comes to me, its like everyone is trying to avoid me. Never mind, stick with me as long as you can, leave me if you want k. By the way, I've gained my weight! Oh yes, I gained like 4 kilos! Hmm okay happy Semester break everyone! Toodles!

Dalila x