Keep calm, it's Ramadan :)

Believe in herself :)

I have a best friends, soul sisters, friends, schoolmates, roommates and classmates. Hmm but somehow, somewhere or something isn't complete. And I don't know what it is. I've a friends who randomly text or call me just to check up on me and ask how my life is going on. It's like a long distance relationship between us, love from Perlis all the way to Bangi. This relationship is still going strong as a solid. I know they care is just enough. I don't know how to express this, but I need someone but I don't even know where to find  that someone.

 Sometimes, I feel my past is trying to haunt me back. Pretty please, I don't wanna be that girl in the past again! I don't wanna be that girl who broke people's heart, I don't wanna be that girl who sneak out at night, I don't wanna be that girl who curse a lot, I don't wanna be that girl who screwed up so bad! I just don't wanna be that girl again. But sometimes it keep coming back to me, somehow I miss my past life. I truly regret my past and I hope I'll be someone better in the future. No more lies! No more screwed up! Enough is enough. Past is past, I just need to let go and so do you. I'm no longer living in my past so stop talking about my past.

As you know, Ramadan is living and festive season is coming. I would like to wish happy festive season to everyone out there especially my Muslims family. Let bygones, be bygones. Learn to forgive people's mistakes and you'll be living peacefully, InsyaAllah.

Dalilah x