Goose bum :p

  Friends since primary school :).

Hello bodyguards! -.-

Meet Abid!

Starting to love her, Fida! :)

Thanks room mates! x

Hello, I'm eighteen! 

Best birthday ever! First of all, this is the first time I celebrated my birthday without my family. Mak and abah! Thanks for that lovely birthday card and to be honest I almost cried my eyes out. Dear mak, abah I miss you a lot and not to mention my brother, I really do miss you! Okay enough! :( Thanks to Abid, Hakiim and Fida for this wonderful birthday. Anyway thanks for coming all the way from Bangi to Arau! *le cries* Eh and a big thanks, hugs and kisses to my lovely room mates for my birthday cake. Even though I just met them, but they treated me like a family, they scolded like a mother and cared like a sister. I received a birthday kiss from my classmate named Miza! *winkwink*

So I'm eighteen now! But why the hell did I look like an eight year old girl? -.- When I'm here away from all those things in Bangi, I feel a bit awkward. No more night out, sneaking out, boys and no more heartbreak. I may look a bit different and weird in this hijab. And some people said that I look so messed up. I'm sorry, I'm not good with this hijab thingy :p. But people change, so please stop asking me why and how did I change. That is not important. I hope it will stay permanent this way and simply don't judge :). No one can change you, it depends on you. Don't put the blames on others cause you are the one who responsible for your mistakes. I met some new nice strangers here and I'm starting to like this place :p. But don't get me wrong, I still misses my fellow Bangi! :)

Now I can differentiate between a  friend and a true friend and I can see your true colour. This is a bit frustrating cause I never thought that someone who I treated like a best friend it is not really my true friend. But it's okay at least there's always someone with me. And I never thought that someone whom I treated like a friend it is actually my true friend. Thanks for all those phone calls and texts for my birthday! All those birthday texts through phone were really sweet and I really appreciate it! Thank you so much! I miss everyone of you! :)

P/s: Bangi! Wait for me! :)

Dalilah x