Forever annoying!

Hello braces! 2009
They are mine. We are not best friends but they completed me in many ways. I'll be missing them while I'm in Perlis and we'll take our own path starting from now on. Yeah goodbye Bandar Baru bangi, Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur. I'll be so far away from here. No more Alamanda! No more Mid Valley! No more Time Square! And the worst part is no more movie nights with my friends! It was a bummer! Hello UiTM Arau, Perlis! My life will be dull and seems hiatus! Why Perlis? Tell me why? Why? Why? Why? *le cries* Dalilah! Please look on the bright side! You gonna meet some new friends and new environment. Actually I hate making new friends, because I'm just not good at it. Hmm I'm not good at approaching towards someone new. To be honest, I'm shy and seems pretty quite in front of someone new. But after a while I'll transform into completely different person. I talked a lot, I cried a lot and smiled a lot!

 Say hello to my Aishah!

Say hello to my big sister. Muner!
 Say hello to my protector, Atmam!

Say hello to Mr Boom Boom Pow, Acap! 

So let me talk about them. Firstly, Aishah! I'll call her whenever I need someone to talk to or whenever I need an advice. Back in high school, she's my teacher. We are not that closed before, but then we worked at the Old Town White Coffee and end up being a good friend. Who's next? Oh yeah, Atmam! He's my neighbor and he can come over every time I need him. Whenever I got into a fight with my girls, he's sort of my adviser and he'll always be on my side. Sometimes he's also my fake boyfriend and he's my Mr. Nice Guy! Then, Muner! She's vicious in a good way! We can open up to each other. Lastly, my Mr Boom Boom Pow! Haha he talks a lot and he dream big. Typical teenagers, living in their own different world. Precisely they have different attitude and I love them!  I shared mostly everything with them.

Young, not wild and free! (y)
Way back, 2010 

Hello pretty! (y)

Meow! (Y)

 Hello Mr Bodyguard! *winks*

Thank you! *grins*

Dalilah x