Something left behind

I need to stop being unhappy with my self and I need to stop wishing that I looked like someone else or wishing that people will liked me as they like someone else. Truth to be told, I seriously need to stop trying to get attention from those people who hurt me. Stop hating my body, my voice, my personality and my flaws. I need to love myself for who I am, without those things I wouldn't be me. Why do I need to be someone else? Just be confident with who I am is way better than seeking for attention. If someone hates me with no reasons, I'll ignore them or I'll give them a reasons to hate me :p. My happiness will not depends on anyone, anymore! I love my flaws, my imperfections and I love being me. For your information, being 'me' is pretty great so far. Yeah me!

Anyway, sorry for being extremely annoying, talkative, irritating and all the sarcastic way of talking. Well, deal with it as you know each every one of us is completely different and the fact is even an identical twins got their own different personalities. So you just need to learn to accept others. As for me, I'm also trying to accept everyone. And that makes each and everyone of us is special in every way! But remember, nobody is perfect in every angle in your point of view. As for me, my friends said that I changed a lot. Yeah, not exactly I'm just growing up honey! Chill k? :) Growing up is not that bad! You should try sometimes.

As I scroll down my Facebook, I can see so many happy couples. Why stuff like this keep happening to me? When I'm single, all I can see is a happy couples everywhere. When I'm with someone, all I see is people who are single and happy. How pathetic? Never mind, I'm happy for you guys out there and so cute! All those couple were so sweet, acting all goofy with their partner, sharing their food, sharing the same stories and jokes over again and don't really care about others. I just wanna feel that way! Please :). For all those couples out there, just appreciate your partner and stick with them as long as you can!

Yesterday, I cooked something for lunch. Guess what! Everything is tasteless, completely forgot to add in some salt. Yeah see I'm a 'very good cook'! I'd really miss my old job as a waitress and some of the costumers that never failed to make me smile. I really miss messing around the cafe and got caught by my boss, making all the drinks, hazelnut, honey lemon, white coffee, xi mut milk tea and many more. Not to mention the toast for breakfast. There's one time, I accidentally burnt the garlic bread. I'm not good with the kitchen thingy. That's why I'm just a waitress and not the actual bar tender. The best part of my job there, was the closing time. Everyone went crazy, scream and sing along because there's no one there at the cafe at two o'clock in the morning. That's something that I'll cherish. Thank you! :)

Dalilah x