Faded away

Why I do keep falling for someone and keep denying it? I hate this feelings, because I know I'm nothing and I know I'm not perfect. But I do believe that each and everyone of us is worth it. Do you ever fall someone you know you shouldn't? Trying so hard to fight your feelings, but you just couldn't? I keep ignoring him and my feelings. I couldn't even look him on those eyes. That's why I never wanna fall in love. It is not cause I'm heartless. Cause I know no one will catch me! No one will catch me! You're the reason, stay away from me. Waiting for you is never easy and not worth it cause you're not even aware that I'm waiting.

Anyway, my life now seems pretty messed up. You know why? Because there's always someone who judge me. It's like high school all over again! Ah I thought it is over. Actually I don't really care if you judge me, but please judge yourself first then you can deal with me. I was born to be me, stop trying to change me. Stop telling me how to live my own life. Hello you're not my mom! I hate it when you keep judging the way I dressed up(at least I'm not naked) and most importantly I hate it when you judge my friends and trying to break us apart. I hate it when you said 'I've told you so, you can't do this and that'. Please don't you ever under estimate me, I can be who ever I wanna be. So what, if I like that guy or that guy? Different people, different ways and tastes.

Moving on, I just watched John Carter with my best buds. Yeah wild imagination, an unexpected ending and I love it. No longer working at the Old Town White Coffee. Kindly, please don't ask why I quit k? The best part is, my boy best friend and I are all good now. No more fight! :) I'm turning eighteen this year and just got my driving license! Jiyeah! And I hope every thing in the future will be fine even though I haven't met my Mr. Right yet :). But I know he's somewhere out there hi hi *winkwink. Currently I'm stuck at home and learning how to cook. Yeah an eighteen year old girl don't know how to cook! Boo hoo, say what you want but I'm gonna try ^.^v. Enough babbling people. Good night loves! x

Sincerely ,
Dalilah x