Who will I be?

I'm seventeen and just finished high school. So who will I be when I grow up. When I was a kid I've a lot of dreams, ambitions and imaginations, but now? I've no idea where the future gonna take me. Am I gonna be a doctor? No way! I hate blood. Architect? Maybe yes or maybe no. I'm clueless or should I just continue working under F&B? Will I be a teacher? Em I don't know, I'm not good enough. I love my job now and everyone around me especially my lovely so-called-sister. She made me feel like I've a sister and most of them said that we look alike. Both of us wore braces few years back then, we're skinny but the different is she is way beautiful than me. Last but not list, one of my classmate is here with me. When we were in high school, we're not that close, she only helps me with my studies especially physics because I hate physics. but now? We stuck like a glue.

Anyways I miss my school, don't get me wrong not exactly the school, I miss the classmates and some of the teachers and for sure not the homework, exams, test and blah blah( I don't care). And somehow I miss add maths, maths and history. I miss doing the experiments, fall asleep during physics' class, eating at the school canteen, and all the dramas. I met so many people who come and go. We used to stick together in high school but now not anymore. I don't know, am I that bad? Or he is just too sensitive? Pffft, I miss you okay Ashraf and I just want you to know that best friend. Remember the last day we met? We go for a morning walk at the park and I'll never forget that. I miss that word, best friend. Oh high school, you've changed me a lot. Thank you, I'll never forget each and everyone of you. Good night.

Or I'll end up in the middle of the sea, just like him?

I miss you, come home safely k brother? :)

Sincerely ,
Dalilah x