Title? You tell me

Hello Old Town White Coffee 

 Ojaa, the cashier :)

Iskandar Z, the bar tender -.-

Hello people! Hihi I miss my blog so much. Okay I'm currently busy with work. Yes I got a job at The Old Town White Coffee near my house. Wasn't it amazing? Most of them call me 'ila'. The best thing is my lovely neighbours, Haziq and Atmam pay me a visit. Aww and how much I miss them, they came just to give me a surprise. I was like 'asdfghjkl I miss you guys so much'. Even though they live nearby my house but we never get the chance to talk and hang out anymore. They've been my best neighbours and the best prankster in my life. And by the way, I met some new people here and they're pretty irritating in a good way. First week was tiring and boring but now it was fun because it gain my self-esteem.

Okay let's talk about something else. You know what? Actually I'm so afraid to get to know someone or meet someone new in my life because I don't wanna end up falling for someone who is not willing to catch me. And that's why I never care and that doesn't  mean that I'm arrogant. I love making new friends just friends and nothing more. I hate it when people being extra and super duper nice to me. I'm fragile, so I need to stay insecure so that I'll let my heart stay save and unbroken. Boy, yes you who talks a lot and always listen to every single crap that came out from my my mouth, I think I'm starting to like you. You asked me so many questions and told me so many stories from your past that I really wanna hear from a guy. Most of the guy I met before was fake and they tried to be the Mr cool guy. And that is so not cool, but you? You just being yourself. But I hate it when you gave me 'that look'. Seriously, please don't. We just met so please stop making me feel this way k? Pretty pretty please. I don't wanna fall for anyone, anymore. Good night everyone! :)

Say hello to my all time favorite boy best friend! Atmam Harith :)
*Five years of friendship and still counting*

Dalila x