Teenage Dream, I guess

I watched Monte Carlo AGAIN. Yeah I'm in love with that chick in that movie, you know, Selena Gomez ;). Pffft, anyway I love Paris, yeah blah blah who doesn't right? It have been every girls dream to be in Paris. The city of love? The city of light? I'm not sure about that, but somehow I wish I was in Paris or Rome or maybe Ireland right now. Anyone? *winkwink. Well, hello everyone, how are you today *in British accent* :p. I hope each everyone of you are in a pink of health. Oh yeah I'm fine and fit as a fiddle *French accent* :).

Ah! You know I've been such a mess after the SPM. I've been trying to find a job everywhere near my house, Secret Recipe, Old Town White Coffee, Kopitiam Bangi, Ice Room and yes I got nothing. Let me repeat, NOTHING. Get that? I'm so lifeless right now. No money, no life, someone please shoot me in the head! Yeah thank you :), it feels so much better :p. I was a little envy with those girls and boys out there. You know why? Because they've their own ambition and interests. As for me, I don't even know what course should I take in the University or Colleges. I don't even know what is my interests or abilities. But, when I was in primary school, I'm dying to be a teacher. Then I wanted to be an accountant, interior designer and lastly architect. Now? I've no idea. Well, people change and so do I, we grew up and this thing happened. Blah blah enough talking Dalilah, I'm off to bed. Adios amigos :).

Ireland :)

Rome :)

Paris :'D

Fascinating and completely amazed, Ya Allah *fainted 

Dalilah x