sweet seventeen :)

hey everyone, it's my birthday. oh well no pictures available. anyways thanks for all the wishes especially for the classmate. i love each everyone of you never the less. oh yeah i've got the free-call thingy for my birthday but sadly i didn't know who should i call. then i decided to call Syukri Naem(iban). we talked about NOTHING, just laughed and i don't know, ANNOYING. oh yeah, thanks for the gifts and i love it. thanks a lot, love yaa. but one of my friend acap told me, he'll never gonna say 'happy birthday' or he'll never give me any gift and he said that's make it even more special. eh? you're so weird. and Faizzul, envy much? :p okay nuff said, may Allah bless all of us :) *endless love from me to all of you


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