birth week :)

*let's guess, which one? :p (we do look alike)

i'll be officially seventeen not less than a week. i was born on July 8 1994. but nothing much, i was so busy with school and friends. i don't need anything for my birthday, i just want to be a better tomorrow and keep my family and friends closer. i pray for them especially my mother. my birthday is just not about me, it's about the person who had taught me many experienced in life. oh wait! good bye, Anas. i love you, please take good care of your self. thanks for being the most awesome, annoying, pathetic, weird and amazing brother. don't worry about me okay? :') Fikri is still here with us, he'll take good care of me, the most annoying sister in the world :'D. see you after six months :'(. that's why, i've been so down and didn't talked too much lately because my brother is moving away to continue his practical

Maznah Meor Razali, she's the toughest person i've ever met. she suffers from breast cancer since 2005. she never even cried or complaint in front of me. but some people said, we can hide those tears, in front of others but who knows what does she feel inside. she has been going through so many operations, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. she lose her hair, her nails turned black, she lose her weight, she throw up every night, didn't talked too much and Thank God everything back to normal. as you know breast cancer is the most common cancer among Malaysian and most of them died. it makes me more insecure about things that i do, eat and almost everything. i need to adapt with the situations and never give up =). some of my friend asked me, 'don't you ever cried?' nope, but somehow i die a little inside. my soul scream, asking for help. we need to stay strong, in front of the person we loved. i prayed for her wellness, she's my best friend forever. she's the one who bring me into this world, Thank You Allah for made her for me :). she means the whole world to me

p/s: happy birthday Kesten :). i love you, no matter what, don't worry ^_^. please smile and keep calm :). oh yeah a little facts about this girl. she talks a lot more than me :p and sometimes, i think she'll be a perfect consultants someday because she talks too much about everything that she knows. i think she's nice, even though she's not a big fan of Justin Bieber but she'll tell me anything she knows about him. STAY STRONG =) life must go on


Dalilah :)