Senior year :'D

wira mara, wira juaralah wey ;p

Iban :s

Abid ;D

Hakeem ;D

iban ;D

Nashriq :)
i've been knowing him since 2004 :)
Munirah and Hakeem

oh well, nothing much to say. everything went perfectly. Alhamdulilah, i'm the volunteer on that day. believe it or not, most of them passed out and cramp after arrived at the finishing line. how sad :'D. the worst part, Anis Afiqah, one of the participant for the 4x100 run was injured and i'm the one cried next to her. blergh sometimes i'm a bit too emotional D:. somehow, i'm a weirdo she's my best friend that's why i cried. i love you, and i hope you feel a lot more better ^_^. but some of those guys are so annoying, they was like 'eh aku sakit dekat peha ni ha, urutkan'. ha that's what do we call annoying. but somehow i love this volunteering during the sports day or a road run

on the other hand, sorry for those who came on that day because i didn't spend my time with all of you. i love you guys okay, Munirah Diyana, Siti Amira, Kesten, Siti Nurhazirah and everyone :). and then, we had lunch with my new mates, iban and abid. now i love making new friends, there's no need to be pathetic by judging them from the outside. get to know them first, then you can judge what ever you want. i used to be some pathetic-judge-mental person but now not anymore ^_^

p/s: credit to Aizat and Nashriq for these pictures, thanks guys. you guys are the best okay? :)

It's such a funny thing. How nothing's funny when it's you. You tell me whatcha mean,
But they keep whiting out the truth, Selena Gomez