Angry Birds :3

the best game ever ._.

i ain't got a real life, so this is my life for now. oh by the way, he's moving away and i wish you the best of luck. as you said, we'll meet after SPM and i wish you'll get taller and taller :D. after got back from school, my stomach hurt so bad and i just sitting in my room until 3pm, just rolling my self in the blanket and i don't feel like doing anything. and then my brother came upstairs and bring me my lunch. isn't just the sweetest thing ever? :) lunch in bed and that's why i love you

once upon a time there's a boy and a girl, they're best friend since primary school. both of 'em are my classmate. but now, both of them had a huge fight about X, and they doesn't wanna set their ego free. as a result, they've not been talking to each other like ages. so guys, just set you ego free and please don't fight. i love both of you ;D. some people said, a boy and a girl just could not be friends or else they'll end up, fighting with each other


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