Learning Seminar (9/7/11)

come on http://www.khidmatnegara.gov.com.my -.-

Nuranians :)

we look horrible but yet still awesome. the Seminar was a bit interesting but it took so long and one of our school-mate fainted because could not withstand the air-conditioner(freezing). this Seminar was held on Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. there's about 1k of students all over the Hulu Langat and only eighty-something from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bandar Baru Bangi. twenty-something from 5Nurani, 5Aman and 5Murni. proud to be one of smkbbb-ians ^_^

the Seminar ended around 5pm. i text my friend 'aku dekat sekolah and i need you here right now! please come!'. i waited like 15mins and he/she didn't showed up and i was like yeah nobody even care about me. okay, when i'm on my way home, he/she called me and asked whether i'm okay. then i was like 'yeah maybe hm i don't know' . then he/she decided to drop by my house just to make sure i'm not crying. we sat in front of my house about an hour and talked or what do we call as expressing my feelings now. then he/she said i'm so weak and could not accept the reality. they said i need to move on :'). the fact that i need to to deal with, i cannot easily move on and i don't know why. by the way, thanks because you managed to come here and made me feel whole a lot more better, even though you live so far away from my house. while we're talking, my neihbour, Haziq passed over my house and he said 'tadi dah jumpa kat UKM, ni jumpa lagi kau ila oi' and i was like 'Haziq, kita kan neighbor forever'. thanks a lot, i do not need to mention your name here, because you know who you are right? :')

p/s: thanks for the hug nina :') it made me felt better. and for those who tried to cheer me up, thank you