another blahblah ;D

i feel like shit, but i'll still smile because i did not rather to talk about it but as for sure i'm not that strong :\. but this is not the end of my wonderful journey. well no offenses guys, i was just throwing all my expression and feelings. but deep inside i'm happy with myself and well i love being me. but the fact that, once upon a time i was nobody but now it's me :D. but yet i'm a fragile. we all have something that we hide from everyone ;).

oh yeah btw, its a school holiday baby but i need to go to school ._. yeah man. but yet its fun :p because i attended for the first period of the class only then ditcing out. the best part is my friend picked me up after school and then we sat on the car and talked about crap and laughed so hard and fight about something stupid for about an hour. then he dropped me to munirah's house. then we played some games. ohmygoshhh, it was extremly exhausted :o. that's how life goes :)

Nobody can go back and start new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending (Maria Robinsons quotes)