they made me smile :)

i love this thing ;)
munirah diyana: wicked
atmam: hot stuff
asyraf: sensual
me: i didn't do this thing, but i think i'm a dead fish XD

this week was amazing. i was out with my friends and we spent some quality time together. but they said when a boy and a girl being a good friend, it won't be long :(. i'm so afraid it will happen to us. don't leave me okay. and the best part is when we sang along 'who says' by selena gomez but not 'we' actually it just asyraf an me. and they suddenly asked why did i like justin bieber so much. i was like, guys shut up because idk why i like justin -__- suddenly my cheeks turned red and idk why. that's all i want to say, enough said, there are amazing and they should not be replace. i had fun and please don't leave me :'). but actually i never watch the pirates of the caribbean so i don't really understands a thang, then apiz and acap tried to tell me the whole thing about the movie from A-Z

thursday: after school, almanda. grab some lunch
saturday: around 9.50 am, movies with them :)