nothing gonna stop me

when i like someone,
he will never like me back
but it's okay
that's how life goes

there's ups and downs in life
nothing can stop from making me cry
it's the fact, every girl cry
every time they feel down

that's me, nothing ever gonna change me
sorry if i ever hurt any one of you
i don't know, i just feel so down now
and i just don't know why :')

well i'm not that weak
i still putting my big smile
on my face :)

being a teen is never easy
i go through thick and thin in life
that makes us special
we learnt from our mistakes
to be a better tomorrow

everybody have something that
they scared of, as for me
i'm scared of being left alone
but they never left me :) TG

somehow i just think something is missing
but i don't what or who
but one day, i'll find the missing pieces
don't you ever stop making me smile

don't ever gave up on me
nothing is perfect
this is me

*pesst, i never knew that, i could write something that is so awfully cute :) *please don't laugh, this is my thoughts. SWAG