i've liked you since day one :'D

day one: i met him at my friend's house and we don't really talked to each other

day two: he added me on facebook

day three: he asked for my phone number but i refused to give it to him

day four: he text me, one of my friend gave my phone number

day six: we get to know each other better

day seven: he played the guitar and piano for me

day nine: he created a song for me called 'words start with ABC'

day te: we met and i bumped into my classmate -.- ah malu!

day eleven: he proposed me

day thirteen: we broke up

based on my true story *winkwink

that's how my life goes, but i don't really care. only some of my friends know about this, yeah it hurts! by the way i met him last year, october 4, 2010. well he's charming, moral of the story, don't ever fall in love at the first sight. furthermore he make me feel special and that's why i fall for him. but now we become a very good friend. sorry kalau jiwang sangat XD. actually the picture from previous post, yeah it's him :'D

OMG! he followed me on twitter. yeah i know he's nobody but his voice is so amazing. i don't even know whether to laugh or scream because he is following me :DD