love love :D

okay my work here is done . i've put an ads up there . hee thanks to ayu , i saw her ads and click it . and i said to myslef 'omg this is way way better than google ads' . so i decided to put one just like that . boleh kan ayu ? hee :) you know what , i've nothing to do that's why i just sat here and update my blog -.- yeah i know is not that good , i'm still in learning phase . eh eh i wanna watch 'the social network' and 'rapunzel tangled' :( . but my brother isn't home :/ , he's gone to the camp thingy -___- . i love my brother but he tortured me enough since i was a little kid -.- and it is really annoying -.- . any who , he is still my only brother so i just need to be thankful :D . yesterday i bought my school uniform at the uniform gallery on the 3rd floor ala yg dekat warta tu and i met my friend fyda and she gave me a great discount and services :D . woa how nice she is , she serve me like i'm the only customer :) . okay toodles i wanna grab some lunch :)