physics :(

hah omggggg ;D . i'm so so into this guy :D , I LOIKEEE HIM :D . i'm so so sorry i didn't attend the physics class , i hate that specky guy he's so annoying . he kept on staring at us -.- . like what the hell get a life dude . he kept on saying that 'amin tu awek kau ke ?' 'tengok awek kau dak bising' . honestly speaking I HATE YOU ! i felt discomfort okay , hello ! he's my classmate so it is normal if he borrowed anything from me , so what ? he's just borrowing my calculator not more than that . dah lepas habes kelas add math dah taknak sambong fizik , that's why i didn't want to go for a physics class , sorry okay nayli :p . so i decided to ask amin does he attend the class or not and then he said no :D . i was like 'err dude please stop -.- . but i just knew that , the guy didn't attend our physics class too , arghh menyesal tak pergi kelas fizik -.- but never mind