lil people big world

i can't control my emotion :| , help me D; . okay i watched that drama on astro ria and it's not that sad or something . but suddenly i cried . yeah it's weird eh ? don't ask why :( . hmmm please stop cried , but the weird thing happend when i cried my mind flash over something that i missed . yeah guess what , i missed everything about our friendship . the way we spend our time together , the way you said i'm so skinny .i love the way you talked to me and tease me but it was a bit annoying -.- and sometimes i hate it and sometimes i yelled at you untill you made your-so-called-cute face and i'll forgive you . but i guess i missed all of those friendship thing :( . i cried and cried until i felt asleep :'( . gaah it's hurt , okay lala stop crying , he's not gonna knew how much you missed him because he have no idea about your blog . okay i'm gonna forget everything about you , trust me i will :[ but i've no idea how to do so . please someone tell me how to forgeting someone or something that you miss and by the way nuranini and in hd i miss you guys too okay especially my anis loly , juyah , fydaa , momo and everyone D; . eh eh cikun and fisa ;D . i'm fully addicted to a day to remember :D

p/s : listen properly