how naive -.-

okay this is about my life when i was in a kindergaten :D. maybe when i was six year old . okay it was time for english lesson . after i finished my exercise , i passed my book to my teacher

teacher : dalilah , please write a date
dalilah : ha apa cikgu ?
teacher : date my dear

so then i asked my friend what the heck is 'date' . and all of them have no idea , see how naive i'm back then

dalilah : nah teacher
teacher : where's your date !
dalilah : date tu apa cikgu -.-
teacher : laa tarikh la awak ni , kalau tak tahu yg kali tanya !
dalilah : oh hahahha ok ok

now i just laugh at myself when i remember that childish moment . never mind i'm still a kid :D . any who i really wanna improve my english :( . anyone knows how to improve my english ?