thanks for that dearly friend :D

we are not doomed to be together okay ! so please we were together because my heart was broken and you(that guy) were there for me to heal it and it doesn't mean that i'm in love with you or something . you were just my companion through thick and thin no matter what and being JUST FRIENDS is the best way . then now i just understand perfectly why you(a friend of mine) dumped my best friend , because love cannot be forced physically or mentally . and i know you can't love her because you were in love with someone else . isn't right ****r ? and i feel the same as what you feel and i respect your action . your word can lie my dear but your heart can't , so i just can't stop lying anymore :x ! i don't love you and that's the fact , please take it seriously and i admit it for all these day i was faking everything up ! i'm sorry for that okay ! you can curse and yell all you want at me or anything . i'm not using my phone anymore but next year maybe :p . so just see you next year , yeah i'm staying here untill i finish my SPM :)

p/s : thanks ****r now i can take love thingy seriously
*i can't mention my friends name and that guy name and also my best friend name , sorry for that . privacy :p and by the way only certain people can understand this post :) and i hope you , you and you got it :D , thanks ♥