i felt sorry for wani :(
but never mind , today is our last exam :o after i return all the text books , i'll not be going to school anymore :DD . just sleep all day and doing nothing -,- . okay btw during our chemistry paper , i wrote your name in my hand , overand over again :) *the teacher kept starring at me +,+ , omg . see how much i missed you . okay just stop it lala , he doesn't wanna be with you :) . i still remember the time blablblabla -,- *that's a SECRET XDD okay . now i know how it's feel being dumped =___= , it's hurt eventhough i just get to know him a few days -,-* . a few days okay ! ! and it feels this bad . HAHAHAHAHA just over it :) . hey hey it's november already :(and nothings new :( . it's still remain the same . ahh never mind just get over with it lala :[