hello :D

okay first thing , i haven't check out my blog , facebook and everything just about 3weeks . i was so busy doing nothing -___- and btw my exam suck -,- . yeah and i have two new followers , thanks guys :) . okay tonight negeri sembilan mesti menang :D 'eden orang nogori tahu' XD hahahaha . okay i've some bad news here people , maybe next year i'll be moving too :') and the best part is i'll be moving to IPOH :D . yeah i know nobody cares eh ? okay but i'm not sure yet okay . don't worry :) . my family still think about it -,- . but please i just wanna stay here just like forever :) . OKAY PEOPLE I WAS TRYING TO FIND A SECOND-HAND ELECTRIC GUITAR UNDER RM500 *kalaw boleh yg berjenama siket okay and sound okay lagi , if you guys know where to find it or you wanna sell one , just text me on facebok okay seriosly i need it now !