nuraninininini *it takes fifeteen minutes to type all of this :D

starting from the first row and the one who sat infront :

SAIDATUL : she's way skinny than me :p *but she never admit it
HAZIRA : she know everything about me , she's like my super gay :)
MUNIRAH : driving us crazy all the time *she called me 'seberang' -.- . because i live near the mcd section8 . she asked where do i live when we were having lunch at mcd . i said 'aku tinggal seberang --- jalan' then she said 'oh kaau org seberang rupanaya' 0____0
HAZIQAH : pendiam *but not with asfea
ASFEA : chinese looked :D
SYAHIRAH : she have a twin named syafiqah
SYAFINA : i called her syafarina azidooo and she always said 'kau pangel aku syafarina lg siap kau ! nama kampong tuu wey syafina glamour siket' . err waa takotnye :p
AISYAH : i called her lanlan :p , she loved slaping syafina . they are like best friend . they slap each other 0.o
ATHIRAH : i rather to call her aimi :) *it's cute . she love to use the word 'ala bang jgnlaa' :p
SAZWANI : i called her warnie or sometime barneyy :D
IZZATI : she have a very big pencil box *izzatiii nak pinjam gam :p . if i need everything i just called her name. isn't easy :)
HAZWANI : i called her wanie not warnie --'
KESTEN : always with her mp3 and i was like 'kau dgr tak apa aku ckp' -- . she don't really like justin bieber but she downdload JB's song just for me :) . see how special i am ? hee
HIDAYAH : dia dari kelas arab , she sat next to me :D . after she sat next to me she become talkactive :D and sometimes i wonder why , hee
NAFISA : budak teknik ! after a few months she moved back to smkbbb ^.^ . see i'm not alone she' back
FASIHAH : lil shy but she's nice , she love to smile :)
AINA NAJIAH : cute :p and her face will turn red evrytime she laugh :D
FARHANA : new kid from ipoh with her twin faiz :D , she's smart and way better than her twin :p
AIRIN : she sat next to suka-ila :)
SUKAILA : i've never talked to her , ehh wait i've talked to her once but she didn't respond . she just 'hurming' at me ==
HAFIQAH : she is also some kind of a new kid :D
ANUAR : kinnda of annoying but sometimes weird --'
AMIN : super annoying *puan mazyon called her ketam because he was left-handed but to me left-handed was cool :D
FAIZZUL : my first impression : err dia budak baru dari skola AGAMA . but now he's a lot more different than before :o *people change okay
FARID : gay kepada faizul XDD
WAN : i called him 'wan' since form 1 till now . but in form2 people called him 'dafi' and now in form 4 people called him 'gad' =='
EKRAM : err aaa he's a prefect -___-
SYAFIQAH : she have a twin named syahirah
RAJA : i called her rajee not rajaaa
ZAID : he love to laugh out loud :s *nuraninini knows what i mean . when he laugh , we all gonna started laughing too eventhough nobody telling any jokes 0___0 . you know what i mean right nuranini ?
DHARMA : he wears a glasses nuranini called him dharma sastera *kitab india purba :p
AINAA' : very RESPONSIBLE prefect :p
AMIRA : i called her mya but sometimes , siti amiraa :D . i'll never forget puan rosnee said to her 'amira nampak rambot tuu , ni kat luar pon mesty tak pakai tudong kan' . then mya said 'eh eh tadelaa cikguu , mana adaa :p' . and most importantly , she's cute , but kindda weird -.- hee
AYU : we go to same primary school and we are in the same class , but back then she's kindda of weird ehh what i mean is pendiam :D . we never talked to each other back in primary school , we just smile politely to each other :) *tak payah tahulaa skola apa --' . cute eh ?
AISYAH : pendiam gilaa >.< . but i still remember he said something during our biology experiment 'hm dalilah kau bagi air liurlaa sb kau comel' . ahhh i was like man malu gilaa >.<
IZYANI : we were in the same class when we were in standard 6 *once again tak pyah tahu skola apa ==' , because our isn't that famous
HADHIRA : i thought her name was nadira :p , she's from convent kajang
NASHRIQ : huge obsessing on parkour thingy , err and he've a best friend named aizat and ikmal . they were awesome :D
IKMAL : before he moved in to bbb , he lived in serdang :D *just like me . he love to say the word awesome XDD *i think almost everyday he said that word -.-
AIZAT : he live near my house , he's mom was hot *hotter than my mom -.- . last year his mother gave me and hanisah a ride to go home . thanks again aizat because we missed our bus on that day ==' . because we were busy talking trash XD
HAFIZ UL RAQIF : he's our prefect and a athelete back then in primary school and he is also my class mate when we were in standard 6 . i just can't believe it he changed a lot *don't bother to ask about my primary school
ATMAM : he is my neighbour , he always texted me 'hw dah siap ? nak pinjam hehe' XD . i've known atmam since form 1 . i still remember our first conversation 'kau kelas ape , dlu skola mana' then i said 'amnah jea *bodo , dlu skola serdang and lagi satu tu skola kau tak ph tahulaa . aku baru pindh sini :P'
HAZLAM : i called him apek comel :DD . and he just smiled politely :) . seriously i think his cute with his iban-hair-do
FAIZ : new kid from ipoh , he have a twin named farhana . he is different from her twin fana . but i'm not sure which one was born first
HAFIZDULLAH : err i don't know anything about him , pendiam . that's all i know
DANIEL : aaa err i don't know

hee that's all about my class mates , i guess :D
see how much i love my class mates :) , pretty sweet ha ?
*sapa rasa mcm nama dia tada , bgtaw eh . rasa mcm suma dah ada :)
oh by the way sorry if banyak spelling mistakes :)