let's talk about karma

hey you , yes now you how it's feel . yes that's what i felt before and it's hurt pretty bad . now it's your turn to face it . so how was it ? nice ha ? that's what we called as karma . you never heard of it ? just go to google type in karma then you'll fine the answer . okay it's come into a conclusion , if you hurt me once you'll hurt back twice . so stop messing up with me -.- . because God always watching every single thing that we do . you can't run and you can't hide . you were such a pathetic bi**h that just loved bluffing around , with your so-called-life . hey i got a life too okay and it's a real one . you are just fake and plastic . as i told you before i really really hate plastic -.- because they ain't real , they just know how to be a good faker ! just look at your self before you judge everyone around you >.<

mood : annoyed *not in a good way
come on someone please cheer me up :( , i don't want end up looking like that tomorrow during our hari koko :(