okay firstly woke up early , but didn't go to school . my mom asked me to clean up the house . so after my breakfast , i watched the 'king and queens' , 'rules of engagement' and 'royal pains' . then i started to cleaned up my house :) . after that i grab some lunch . oh by the way tadi ada bukak blog sorang budak ni , ina , mina apa tah nama dia :( and now i know that girl like that guy . and for your information this girl is so damn hot and a chinese looking girl >.< . urghh she's only thirteen but she's got everything . ahh why i just can't accept the fact that , that guy is just not into me anymore -_____- . so starting from now on , i'll switching off boys mood -.- , like seriously . but he's the one that make me felt so special , he understand me , he is like my best friend , we got a same interests and most importantly he have a cat named tommy *just like me :") . he played guitar just for me everytime before i go to sleep :") . he texted me , he called me everytime i need him *and now i know it's all a fu*king lie . bencilah , bila nmpk muka dia online asek mcm nak lari jea :( , i just hate it . ahh menyesal sebab tolak dia dulu >.< . seriously it's hurt . and the best part is , he loves eating fries with ice cream , just like me *eah i know it's weird but that's us :(

*p\s : sorry people , if i make you wanna puke :) . i got a feelings too okay . i'm a normal teenagers too okay , eventhough there's CERTAIN people said i got NO FEELINGS AT ALL , urghh -,- . toodles