lovelovelove :)

okay firstly the drama competition was great but not so greatlah . 1st place was given to 4aman , 2nd place was given to 4amnh . and NURANININI got the 4th place XD . i'm not sure which class is on the 3rd place because i was so busy loitering around the school ALONE to find my friend mya -___- . i texted her twice but she dind't respond =.= . gaaah never mind , then i bumped into atmam and i said to him 'kau syg aku kn , hee teman aku g amek beg kt kls seganlah >.<' . so i just grab him along the way to the class :D. hehe jgn mrh eh atmam ? :) then when it's time to go home i just waited for joyah , anis and the rest of 4amnh's students to gave away their hampers :) . hee i just love you guys more and more okay , please don't leave me okay :)