i missed being with you , i missed the time that we spend together as a friend eventhough i just knowing you , for a few days . shit i hate to think all about you *who am i kidding , they knows how much i care about this things and i'm not over it >.< . maybe i ain't fight you back because i hate fighting over something that will waste my own time . you hurt me and my feelings a lot :") , thankslaa you :) . oh yeah i just got back from negeri sembilan , visited my grandmother :) . siti aminah , cute isn't ? gaaah and now i'm watching 'shaun the ship' while eating oat crunch . apa nak jadi ngn budak sorang ni , mkn bnyk tp tak gemok -..- . by the way my current weight is 37.4 . do you believe me ? yeah that's the truth , i'm not bluffing around okay . i'm super duper extremly skinny -.- and have a very long legs . kindda hard to find a jeans for me . but thanks to voir , i can fit all type of voir jeans in my size :) . ah okay good night people, i got to go to school tomorrow :) . i can't wait for tommorow , there is a play or some kind of drama that is 'gulp and gasp' from (form 4 literature component) but i was just an audience :) . good luck to NURANININININI :D and 4AMANAH . i love yaaa . oh by the way my dearest kesten taged me in this picture on facebook . she said she found this picture on someone tumblr *winkwink