swollen fingers :")

okay i learn to play a guitar AGAIN , as i told you before i've learnt to play guitar for about three years and i still can't perform very well :( . and for your information i've a very small finger -,- and that's why my finger is swollen right now . never mind at least i tried and never gave up :D . hah and now i can do a few songs *but only the intro and while looking at the chords :D . i can't memorized the chords -,- , and by the way i just can't wait for next Saturday it's going to be a blast :D , i'm happy for you fisa XD . ah okay bye , i'm really hungry and sleepy right now -,- woaa. i wanna grab some food . so freaking hungry :o . i want some dunkin' donuts :) ahh sangap . toodles . namaste people :D