I feel like posting after years of silence

Do i believe in Karma? Nope, I don't. But, I do believe in what ever you give, you will get back. I have done certain things that certainly I am not proud of and now, it hit me like a freaking truck! It hurts so bad, until I stop believing in people. One of my friend said, don't you ever do bad things to people because you will ended up regret it in the very end.

Yes, your own best friend cannot be trusted, they can be really deceiving. They pretend to like you, pamper you during your broken phase, but they ended up using it against you. In my situation, my best friend knows how much he means to me and she ended up flirting with my man. Ha-ha-ha shame on me! They have proven to me that I worth nothing to anyone. I just need to set my head up high and pretending it is fine after broken up in two years of relationship with him. He was unfaithful anyway, I was just so stupid to believe in him.

Once the trust is broken, I don't think I would ever know how to love again. After two months dealing with it, I still feel broken. No way out of this situation, time will heal, but it will never forget. My biggest regret of putting too much trust for a guy. For those people out there, please stop breaking people's heart!