Quick update

I miss my sweet hearts :)

Two subjects to go. I felt sick since couple of days ago. My hand were shaking during Add Maths, paper 2 and Physics paper 1,2 and 3. I felt very cold and not be able to breathe. It is not about the questions or anything, it just that I had freakin badass fever and I kept sneezing. Whatever it is, all those pills made me weak. Lesson of the day, DON'T YOU EVER TAKE ANY PILLS DURING YOUR FREAKIN' EXAM. Or else you will end up like me :). And by the way, sorry for the candidates who sat next to me. Yes I know, I keep spreading those viruses.

Oh yes, I got into a fight with one of my girl early this morning. Pfft I hate to deal with all those fights. I hate to admit it, but I cried. Yes I'm pathetic, I can't deal with my own feelings. All I know is cried and yelling in front of them. I'm unlike the others out there, I'm easily broken or in other word I'm fragile. Once broken, forever it will be. But thanks to my boys who made my day better, they tried to cheer me up but in annoying way :). That is why I love each and everyone of you out there. Got to go, take good care of your health k?

Dalilah x