I drew a new face and I laugh :)

I feel like shit. Oh anyway, its been long time since I last updated my blog. So, here we go another pathetic post of mine. I just realised that things will not stay the same after I graduate from high school. A few days to go until my last day in high school. I'm not gonna lie, I'll miss everything that happened. No more you, you and you. We'll move on to another chapter of our life. But i'm so afraid that i'll not be able to cope with the new situations and environment. I don't wanna lose any one of them but what else can I do? We need to move on for a better future. I promise that I'll always be there for anyone who need me, but if you do't me, its okay I can handle it. No one is perfect, I can't be that perfect for everyone. people made a lot of mistakes, so do I.

I'm so afraid that people around me will ignore me. It already happened, when I moved in here in Bangi, i felt like i'm all alone no one wanted to talk to me. Its like i'm invisible, I was like 'hello I'm here ok!'. But everything changed when I sat next to Allahyarhamah Nur Izzyan Syafiqah, she is the first person who talked to me in that class. But now she left us... forever. And i'll never forget, I took a bus everyday to go to school and I sat next to Atmam, he'll take care of my seat. He is one of the sweatest guy I knew and he is my neighbour forever. I'll never forget those persons who came to my life especially my dearest-pathetic-annoying friends and classmate. So this is love or hatred? For sure it is love. I learnt so many things for this couple of years, yeah I know that I'm not that good in friendship or love. But I gained more experienced and friends. They completed each chapter of my life.

I met many kind of person, loyal one, pathetic one, weird one and so many more. Yeah but as a typical teenage girl, we need a lot more experience than that. Why stop now? This year have been so amazing, ergh I wish I can turn back time and capture all those memories. There's one time, my friend and I go for movie after school, and that guy from the cinema asked me 'is that your brother?' and I was like hell no, he's my best friend. we do act like brother and sister, we fight like cats and dogs but we do trust each other and let our feelings out. His mother have been so nice to me, and she even asked 'Asyraf, mana kawan baik Asyraf, si Dalilah tu. lama tak nampak'. Aww asdfghjkl isn't she's the sweates thing. Long story short, I love each everyone of you Nuranians and you guys who completed my life. Thank you for always be there for me :).


Dalilah x