it was amazing

aww this is so sweet

ohmygod :o


call us DATIN

okay beastly was awesome , basically this movie was about a beauty and a beast :D . yeah but in a modern way lah kan . and tomorrow is one of my friend birth-date . so happy birthday and have fun in sarawak . oh lupe nak cakap thanks mira sb bwk tengok beastly . yeah i know that guy in the movie is yours :p . at first , i was like 'haa ? what the hell is beastly?' . the best part is i'm amira's personal assistant -.-

and school was extremly tiring and well actually tak masok pon kelas bio tapi kelas chemistry masok okay :p . so i decided to stop over at my friend house to finish up some homework . around 12.30p.m my father fetch me up and my neighbour alya balqis , alya najihah . i reached home , take a rest for while and last stop ALAMANDA with datin siti amira and ashraf . p/s : that's all the picture i have because we didn't bring a camera