aww ♥

she's cute eh ? :)
school holiday baby :)
but i've got tons of extra class at school during this holiday >.< yeah perfect ♥ perfect week -_-
yes by the way , today is saturday and i'm stucked in school with my classmate mira and fisa . we supposed to be in the class next door but we just sat in our own class -___- . penoh gilaa kot , agak siket aku nak menyempit dkt situu :p . then those girls started to talk and talk and talk or what do we called as gossips , we talked about this and that and we talked about the copycats . take a note : we do hate copycats . then it's time for the recess and suddenly ashraf showed up and he grab me like what the hell -.- . and then he said 'blablablabla' sorry i can't help you with that okay . she is one of my friend , but she do called me a bitchhh XD and i'll call her slutttt

that's all for today , toodles ♥