they spoke with a broken english

last eid mubarak
amirul : mizi ! kereta big is mine

hamizi : no! that car is mine

amirul : no

hamizi : yeah it's may daddy's car

amirul : no ! kereta tu my momy punya

hamizi : no ! your car is kecik

amirul : no ! my car is besar

me : please shut up

hamizi : no you shut up !

me : that car is mine ! enough already , i'm trying to read a paper here !

hamizi : no ! itu green car is yours !

me : go grab your book and i'll read it for you

hamizi : no no no that is mine

me : siapa bising tak dapt duet raya !

yeah i know how to keep their mouth shut ! by the way amirul is eight years old and hamizi is six years old . a kid with a big mouth and big appetite surely i love both of them but they are driving me crazy though :) . but i love kids and i can't live without all of them . oh my mom just got back from korea :) yeah she bought a liltle something for me . got to go , i need to get ready and i need to pack my bag and away to ipoh for a few days somehow i missed my super duper annoying classmate but i need more holidays -.- toodles