yeah this song got stuck on my head for this couple of days . my friend kept singing this song while we were doing some homework last week , but he only sang this part 'eventhough you are so far away' and i was like 'err lagu apa tu ?' thanksla buat aku dgr lagu ni yeah . now i kept singing this song without barely know the lyrics . yeah and he likes to see me wearing those retainer , if i asked anything from him , he will asked me to smile so that he can see my retainer . yeah he is weird , i thought i'm the only weirdo in 5nurani but he is way way weird than iam . well he's a new kid though

i just wanna tell YOU this , i think i'm not in mood for love thingy anymore ,for god sake please stop asking me to love again ! as some of my friend said i'm a h-e-a-r-t-l-e-s-s , but actually i'm not a heartless kind of girl before but now i'm a 100% heartless . now you got what you wanted before , i'm a pathetic girl without a feelings :) . yeah errr goodnight , toodles