study o___o

people wondering who's that guy i'm falling for :) . stop asking me okay . i won't give you the answer . find out yourself . oh yeah this week is my intensive week for add maths . there's a guy , i was like err most of them sngt pandai -.- . seriously i was like okay diorang pandai aku baru nombor 30 diorang dah nombor 35 . and for your information we were doing an excercise on indices and logarithms >.< . arghh i'm in 'love' with logarithms -_________- . but kindda of annoyed with this boy and i don't even know him and he is so annoying -.- and i think he annoyed me not in a good way >.< . ah at least i'm enjoying my class with suraya , fateha and nayli :) . but fateha she doesn't wanna admit that she way way lighter than me -.- . she is 35kg and i'm 38kg :D HAHAHAHAH . see i'm way way heavier tha you teah :p . believe it or not , that's the fact . oh by the way i've created my second twitter account . my first account does not work very well , so i just deactivate the account and i've to create a new email because twitter said 'this email already taken' . and i was like 'err heish haritu aku dah deactivate account akulah -.-' . and my new email sounds weird seriously i used my full name dalilahyusoff . ah i don't care , my new email a bit more matured eh ? >.< . toodles people :D