my weakness

okay firstly i wanna do some or maybe alot of revision on all of this topics but when am i going to do so ? errghh i love study but i'm so lazy to do so :/ . as i was saying before , this is what we called LAZY DISORDER >.<

bahasa melayu : err i think komsas
english : hm spelling mistakes
pendidikan islam : tajwid
histroy : err mostly everything
mathematics : just a stupid careless mistakes
add maths : chapter 5 , chapter 8 and chapter 9
physics : chapter 2
chemistry : salt and acid base
biology : chapter 6 (respiration) -.-

oh my god ! what am i going to do -___- . yeah of course FOCUS LALA ! FOCUS !
actually it's already 1a.m. in the morning and i still can't sleep because i need you more than everything *dah sudah jiwang . HAHAHAHAHOHOHO i need you more than ballon need air , i need you more than plant need light to carry out photosynthesis that can be devided into to dark reaction and light reaction , i need you more than fish need gills , i need you more than a cow need a omasum , abomasum , reticulum , rumen , i need you more than sodium need an electron to achieve duplet condition , i need you more than salt need a titration(for unsoluble salt) to produced a salt . okay the conclusion is i need you more than everthing my dearest friend :D *and i'm not 100% sure about all those thing i wrote up here -___- . good night sleep thight :)