puppy love -.-

how could you hurt my best friend ? chill okay babe , just be strong , i know how strong you are okay :| . we'll be there for you okay . yeah i know the answer , never mind err chill okay . that's the fact about puppy love . puppy love do make you smile but it won't be long , it will hurt you for sure in the future . trust me i've experienced it before and it hurt so bad >.< . urggh still hurt until now , but it's okay i'm still alive without a stupid puppy love . most of the guys was like 'i think you're the one , i'm gonna be with you forever and ever , nothing can break us apart , you're the most beatiful girl , you're my only one' *am i right ? most of them will keep on giving you hopeless hope and we just can resist it . don't you think so ? okay , good night people :)