pinky swear ;D

awww okay i wanna tell you something about this pinky swear . two weeks ago , i was at the KL Sentral waiting for my train . i was alone and so freakin bored , it's already 6 p.m i'm still stuck here in KL Sentral . then i started to stared at this couple , seriously both of them were just so cute . but they are still in their school uniform and on that day i skip school XD . then i heard the guy said 'wey ni last kte jumpe utk taon ni la , aku suke kau tapi aku sian kat awek aku. ingt kau jgn bgtaw sesape yg kte kuar sme' . then the girl said 'la aku thula , tp smpai ble kte nak berlakon dpn membe kte sume wey ? letih thu tak' . then that guy said 'ala cuti dah mula kan , so chill la , taon depan pandaila aku cover' . then they make the pinky swear :) , aww i tought they were a couple but they are NOT . they are just best friend that need each other . oh my god , i wish i got one just like that :( . then my train arrived , it's 100% pack -__- . and i'm stuck in between . oh my god pfffft , what the hell . erghh i hate it , but i still took a train where ever i go :D . and finally , home sweet home :D . till my next post , toodles ;p