hey peeps ,

why can i stop curse-ing ?
yeah i hate you badly my dear friend
i used to called you my best friend
but now you are my best enemy
you hurt me a lot :) , thank you

so now i realized that
maybe we can't have to many good friends
they will hurt you again and again
and again -____-

i tried so many times to make my self happy
but in the end i'll hurt my self again -__-"
this ain't easy for me and my life
i'm not that strong dear :)

everything has changed and
i've to accept that people will change
in a good way or a bad way :(
now i missed him or her badly
*him or her ? , that's a secret

don't make me hurt you back okay
ahh i'm way better than you ,
just deal with it darling :)
you are disgusting and you make me
wanna puke XD

i'm so freaking tired to be nice
towards everyone because
they don't give a shit about me

selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin
to all and to you too my dear 'friend'
no heart feelings ?
oh yaaa btw she is such a drama queen
*i think she is the best drama queen ever
please she's a beeet-ch
ahh ila stop curse-ing -___- bye <3

*awk jangan ingat yang bertudong semua
baek and yang tak bertudong semua jahat . kalaw
awak ingat mcm tu you're 100% wrong ,
just look around you okay ,
don't tell me what to do okay