such a BEAUTIFUL life =="

i love to smile but i looked so ugly and i don't know why -,- . i try to look pretty but arghh -__- . what ? what ? arghh okay semalam ada sambutan merdeka kt sekolah . as usual cikun and fisa was absent , so busy with their lifela kunon ;p *tade semangat merdeka langsung korang ney :D . tengok mcm aku dgn anis *winkwink . they were so thrilled with all the bendera and i was like 'ahh please ble nak balek ? -___-' . then after the merdeka thingy we were heading back to our class . and we were doing nothing just babling and playing a stupid game with kesten , aina , fana and airin :D *NURANINI memang begini :D . yeah but our last period was CHEM-ISTRY *naseb baek mood cegu baek :) . then it's time to go home i waited for my father at the bustop for half and hour -__- . what the hell then i got home , i take a bath and blablabla and i watched everybody love raymond and bug's life and then solat zohor :) . yeah then i felt asleep , then my father woke me up 'ila bangon pegi tusyen !' . arghh then i arived at the tution centre with a 'happy face' . what the FFF .then that chinese boy said to me 'kenape you bwt rebonding ? dahla muka you mcm cina , kang laen yg jadi . what i'm truly malaysian maybe that martin is blind 0.o . again when i was so busy focusing with the physic thingy , my phone suddenlly rang ahh i was like sape yg bangang sngt call aku ney ;p . HAHHAHAHAH it was my best friend irfan . and the indian boy behind me said what a childish song . then i said 'i know ah lagu doraemon comel jgnlah cemburu ;p kalaw nak boleh blutoot ngn i' . lalala that's my life :) . school , sleeps , watching television , sleep again , eat and eat and sleep all over again :D . how was your life ? i bet it way intresting than mine :)