linkin park

have you ever heard linkin park ?
yeah awesome i've been listening to
to linkin park since i was six year old :) . the first
album that i bought is 'meteora' . gosh all of my
friends was like 'asl awk dgr lagu ni ? kite tk minatla
mcm ganas je' , HAHAHAHAHA zmn kanakkanak :D . then i starting to buy all
their albums , depends on their song . then when i was
in primary school , i started to listening to green day :DD . hell
super awesome and their first song that i felt in love with
is 'basketcase' . did you know that green day was the band that
born on 1990 ? :DD and they still sound super awesome :) . then
when i was in standard 4 the linkin park split up *what the hell
-__- and one of their group members made his own band
named 'fort minor' but i'm not into fort minor , sorry :DD