falling in love c:

why can i stop posting , hate to admit that i kind of miss you . this is the only way to tell you that i missed you so badly . yeah you know who ? he's no longer mine :') . hey don't blame me , it's not my fault i can't control myself when i'm mad . maybe i seem nice but you guys never see me get mad like an ass X) . that ***** ruin everything . i guess . yeah maybe i ain't so perfect i deserve this shit . well atleast i'm not a big fat liar and i'm not ruining peoples life . as i told you before get a life ! stop stalking people around you . it is time to forgive and forget ? sorry , maybe i can forget all those thing but i'll never forgive all this . i know that you still need me rite ? ahh please stop denying . awwww HAHAHAHAHA maybe certain people did't like to see us together i think they just don't know the real me enough . it is so hard to make me fall in love , you know :) . i'm kind of heartless