my life will suck without you XD

nothing to talk about . i'm not in mood *mood swing . thank you . oh yaa they are my BESTEST friends among the best i ever had . i trust them , they trust me :') . please don't ever steal them from me . STOP STEALING THE ONE THAT I LOVE , YOU BIT*H ! ! *tk pena cukop dgn satu laki ! i dind't steal anything from you , okay now you happy to see me suffering ALONE. thanks for ruining my life . i don't even know you ! arghh BI*CH ARE ALL THE SAME EH ? HYPOCRITE ! PATHETIC ! GET A LIFE !! since a kid , i've been taught to be more patient , so i've been all this before . Ya Allah kuatkanlah hamba mu ini Ya Allah :') , hanya Engakau yg menentu kn segalanya :) . walawpon aku bersabar , aku tetap ada hati dn perasaan ! ! setakat kau ada rupa tk bwk matila wey , aku tawla aku tade rupa *kalaw kau lawa pon sb make-up tayahla bdo -.- tk nuetral langsong . plastic gilaa kau ! ! stop asking me who i'm talking about okay ! i can't take it anymore , i've lost him but it's okay Allah is always there for me :) . maybe there is another hope for me