life is not a fairy tale

once a upon a time there was a UGLY princes and aaaa . ehh wait ! where's the prince charming ? then i said 'oh some biatch take him from this set' . oh which biatch are you talking about ? then i said again 'you don't need to know' . so who's your next prince charming in this set . i said 'what the hell is prince charming eh ? , i never heard of that word before XD' LMAO . prince charming aaa it' it's something aaa it's i'm not sure actually -,- . wake up lala ! there is no such thing as a FAIRY TALE in a reality ! what ? i'm just bumbling , bored so i post this thing -__- . night peeps sweet dream :) *do you get what i'm trying to say ? if not , idc !